Bringing positive energy, experience, and support to help you work in the way you want
I’ve been trained in a powerful process that can help you realize and capitalize on your potential to be successful when something gets in your way. My own work with a coach helped me discover things about myself that were causing me to drag my feet on some projects at the office and at home. I used these new insights to redefine productivity and figure out my life purpose, which has motivated me to become a coach. I’d love to give you the same chance to help you get what you want. 
Background: born and raised in Virginia, USA

Education: BS Aerospace Engineering, UVA; MS Security Policy Studies, GWU; Professional Coach via ICF -accredited IPEC program

Professional Experience: 15 years of Government service

Skills: coaching, facilitation, teaching, analysis, management, career/employee development, performance management, leadership development, talent program development, and recruitment

Family: married with one child, a dog, and a horse

Hobbies: horses, music and singing, and being active in fun ways

Values: connection, compassion, understanding, balance, and joy

Life Purpose: to develop meaningful connections with—and positively impact—all beings I encounter, and to balance diverse perspectives and priorities to achieve win-win solutions

How Others Describe Me: enthusiastic, energetic, kind, patient, supportive, insightful, inquisitive, and open-minded